Never Give Up!

I’m writing this post as a pep talk to myself. Every time I watch the Giants, check a score, or sneeze, the Giants are finding a way to suck. Here are three reasons not to be discouraged:

  1. We are still only a game out. Last year at this point, we were 6 games out. Also, be grateful we don’t play in any other division. Here are some fun facts. We would be 8 games behind Milwaukee, 14.5 behind Philly, 5 behind Texas, 1 behind Detroit (ok that is fine), and 11.5 behind the Yanks or Red Sox. Be thankful that we play in this division. Arizona is a nice story, but let’s be honest, they don’t scare anyone. We don’t have to play amazing (or even good) baseball in order to make the playoffs.  We just need to get hot at the right time and we are fine.
  2. Our schedule is awesome. We don’t play any great teams anymore. Thank goodness we don’t have to play any of the teams mentioned above. In fact, out of our last 34 games, 21 are at home, and all are in our division except for the Cubs and Astros. The only team we play is with a winning record is the D backs. Heck, we should be celebrating this and gearing up for another post season. (This is the way I pump myself up because I’m not sure I’m sold)
  3. We should be getting a lot of our guys healthy for a strong late season push. Let’s list some names that should be back in the next couple of weeks: Beltran, Sanchez, Cabrera (Nick won’t care), Romo, Whiteside, Zito (ok does anyone care), and Wilson. Wow, we have a lot of hurt Giants and we should get all those guys back strong. In addition, when Wilson comes back we also get the beard back. Insta-mojo!

All of this is to say don’t panic. We will be fine. Yes, we are terrible right now. We were terrible at this point last year and we don’t have near the hole to dig out of. Oh, and one more thing. We are still the champs. Eat that Arizona!