ESPN’s Bonehead Move

I commute 45 minutes to work every single day.  Frickin’ lame! I pass the time by listening to one of two media sources: sports radio and stand up comedians. While I would love to break down the inner workings of a Ralphie May monologue, I really want to talk about the greatness of sports radio and how I long for the nuggets of KNBR.

Sometimes, I flip on the 680 station in the hopes that satellites will get awesome and broadcast KNBR all the way to Virginia.  Until some genius accomplishes that, I listen to the local ESPN stations.

I live for a good sports discussion. My favorite sports radio personalities are two guys that call themselves the sports reporters.  I don’t like them because they offer the best insights on sports, or because they have great on air chemistry (which they do), or even because they constantly rip on Peter King.  I enjoy their presence in my ear drums because of their passion for their teams.  And its ridiculous passion for some awful teams.

There is something about the way a “journalist” breaks down the 4th play of the 7th drive where Albert Haynesworth came off the line quickly and pulled off a double reverse spin move, completely missed a tackle, yet showed true potential and the Skins should keep him.  You don’t get that kind of analysis in California.  KNBR analysis consists of Gary Radnich talking about Jessica Simpson dating Eric Johnson how that could affect Tony Romo’s pass delivery.  Brilliant.  Actually both are brilliant.  Just worlds apart from each other.

So how does this tie back into the Giants and who the crap cares about two sports reporters breaking down the moves of a washed up defensive linemen?  Well first off, I care, and secondly they often will break out into great discussions about broadcasters.

Recently, they started talking about the greatness of Jon Miller.  Jon Miller is one of my icons.  He can somehow describe the action in a way that actually makes me smell the sod in the stadium or actually see the chalk from the rosin bag when he describes a pitcher.

The sports reporters were breaking down the recent firing of Jon Miller from ESPN Sunday Night Baseball.  This saddens me to great lengths but it is always good to hear it from other people.  Jon Miller is my link to SF Giants baseball.  The Giants are rarely on TV Sunday nights, but Jon is always on.  He makes me miss listening to him on the radio back in Cali.  Strangely enough, he also makes me miss my family.  I used to love watching ball games with my mom and sisters and the announcers are a big part of that experience.

I know it sounds stupid and ridiculous, but ESPN’s move to get rid of Miller really pisses me off.  The sports reporters called it an epic mistake and I couldn’t agree more.  Joe Morgan, who has also been fired, was the weak link in the Morgan/Miller team.  The reporters said they were throwing the baby out with the bath water.  I couldn’t agree more.