The Giants Keep Getting Better…

If the Giants have a repeat performance of their horrific 2017 season it won’t be because they did not try to improve.

They’ve already improved a great deal, and they did even more today with the signing of Tony Waton, a Jeremy Affeldt like addition to the bullpen.

And somehow they did this without screwing up their tax situation. To the tweets!


So, somehow the Giants signed a very good player, despite having very little room to do so, and still didn’t screw their cap situation. All of which is kind of amazing and perhaps related to this news.

As of right now, it’s very unlikely the Giants are able to make a deadline trade without dumping some significant salary. We have a long ways to go, but will be worth keeping an eye on once we get to June 1.

Let’s update our projected 25 man roster!

  1. Posey C
  2. Hundley C
  3. Belt 1B
  4. Panik 2B
  5. Crawford SS
  6. Longoria 3B
  7. Sandoval INF
  8. Tomlinson INF
  9. Pence LF
  10. Duggar CF
  11. Jackson OF
  12. McCutchen RF
  13. Parker OF
  14. Bumgarner SP
  15. Cueto SP
  16. Samardzija SP
  17. Stratton SP
  18. Suarez SP
  19. Melancon CL
  20. Watson LRP
  21. Dyson RRP
  22. Strickland RRP
  23. Gearin RRP
  24. Law/Fernandez RRP
  25. Black LRP
  26. Smith LRP

By all accounts, Will Smith won’t be ready until May 1, which means he starts the season on the DL. That probably allows the Giants a month to take a look at Andrew Suarez as the 5th starter, while keeping Ty Blach in the pen. If Suarez can’t cut it, Blach slides into the 5th starter role once Smith comes back.

There’s still a lot of fluidity here. Could Gregor Blanco sneak on to this roster? Will one of the other utlity infielders push Kelby Tomlinson aside? Who will really win the 4th and 5th starter roles? Does Derek Holland earn one of those spots? Who will take the Law/Fernandez spot at the end of the pen?

And, last but not least, will we see Timmy?


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