1 Thought Before Game 3 (Will It Be The Last?) #sfgiants #nlds

Ready for some hard hitting baseball analysis?

The Giants need more joy.
They need to have fun playing baseball on Monday night.

There’s plenty of time to dissect Games 1 and 2, and an elimination moment (should that happen). We can talk about the talented Cubs and the flawed Giants. We can second guess the choice to start Samardzija (I don’t, really…your guys either get it done or they don’t). We will do all that in time.

But right now, the Giants need to find their joy.

This article came out before the postseason started,
and it isn’t from the most reputable site,
and it’s not deep SABR analysis,
but it kind of nails the point.

The Giants get a lot of credit for their calmness.
This isn’t a team that panics and freaks out.

But watching them over the past 2 months all I keep thinking is:
they are not having fun.

I’ve been there.
Sports can be so much fun,
especially baseball.

The joy of a perfect pitch,
of barreling up a fastball,
of turning a double play.
It’s fun!

But there does come a point when the game becomes a grind,
and the joy disappears.

The Giants have nowhere to go, nowhere to hide.
There’s nothing else left at this point.
No more strategy sessions, no more tweaks.
So, loosen up, and have some fun.
This might be the last time they play for a while.



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