#SFGiants Week In Review (5/27-6/2)

Well, things just got interesting! Chad Gaudin is the ace of the staff…Tim Lincecum wouldn’t mind moving to the bullpen…Buster Posey is good…Brett Pill and Brandon Belt are in a platoon but is that a good idea?…it’s June and we’re past the 50 game mark and the Giants are winning but their run differential is terrible (-14) and it sure seems like they could/should be better, or worse! What to make of all this?

Let’s begin with this: Buster Posey is good.

Alright, on to the rest of it. Chad Gaudin is not the guy you want to be known as the ace of your pitching staff. Especially when that staff includes Madison Bumgarner and Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum. But, darn it, he looked so good yesterday mowing down the fearsome Cards. Tell me if this sounds familiar: veteran journeyman with good stuff but lack of control comes to the Giants on minor-league deal and finds himself and his command.

Yes: the Ryan Vogelsong story is what should be playing in your mind right now. Is Chad Gaudin the next Ryan Vogelsong? Too early to tell, but if he keeps hitting spots this might actually become a thing.

Tim Lincecum should move to the bullpen, but can’t because there is no one else. But, it’s interesting to read that the team would do this in a heart beat if it had Zach Wheeler someone else who could start games.

I can’t believe we’re doing the Pill vs. Belt thing again. I don’t care what kind of numbers Pill puts up in AAA, let Brandon play!

Finally, the old adage is you are what your record says you are. But, I look at the Giants’ record and see a classic world view issue: if you are a pessimistic, glass-half-empty type, then a team that loses this badly on the road and is at -14 in run differential is not a good team. However, if you are a positive, glass-half-full type, then this team is in a good position to make a big move when all the pieces start to come together (re: the starting pitchers pitch up to their capabilities). Do with that what you will.

Last Week:

2-5; 30-27 (2.5 games behind in NL West)

Hitter of the Week:

Brandon Crawford’s average is headed back towards .300, Hunter Pence continues to have a very nice season, and Buster Posey is awesome, but I loved what Marco Scutaro did this weekend against the Cardinals. I know a few Cardinals’ fans these days and they HATE Scutaro, the way Phillies fans hate Cody Ross, because they feel like the Giants got lucky with not-very-good-player getting “hot at the right time.” Except Marco Scutaro is a pretty good player and it was nice read many tweets about how he gets a hit every time he bats against the Cardinals from my angry friends.

Pitcher of the Week:

No brainer: Chad Gaudin. If someone had of told Bochy on Sunday morning that Gaudin would give him 6 innings of 4 hit, no walk, 2 run, 5 strikeout ball he would have kissed you. Well done Chad, more of that please!

Looking Ahead:

Strange week: day off, followed by 2 at home against Toronto, followed by a day off, followed by 3 big games against the first place DiamondBacks. Looking forward to that weekend showdown!



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