#SFGiants Week In Review (4/1-4/8)

Yesterday, I finally had the chance to watch a game. I enjoyed, very much, the first three innings…Pagan, Crawford, and Panda all coming through, Matt Cain setting the first 9 down in order. And then it got really ugly.

Really ugly.

Oh well. 3 and 3 is not bad. One of the things that will be hard about this season is that the team is SO similar to the team during the last third of last year (and of course the playoffs). It’s cool to see Gaudin succeed. It’s great to have Torres back. It’ll be interesting to see what we get from Timmy this year. But otherwise, it looks like same old, same old.

When our starters pitch well, we tend to win. When they don’t, we lose. There’s some offense here and there, but it’s all about the starters.

Take comfort in the familiar, I suppose.


3-3 (3-3); 2.0 GB, 4th place in NL West

4-0 L at LA; 3-0 W @ LA; 5-3 W @ LA; 1-0 W vs. STL; 6-3 L vs. STL; 14-3 L vs. STL

Pitcher of the Week:

As great as it was to see Zito get off to a good start, Madison Bumgarner’s start was huge. He beat LA, in LA, and he dominated. There are reasons to be concerned about MadBum after the way he ended 2012, and it will be critical for him to be strong this year. Good start!

Hitter of the Week:

Another guy to be concerned about based on how he ended 2012 was/is Hunter Pence. His motivational speeches aside, he left a lot to be desired down the stretch. That said, he has been a very good ballplayer since coming into the league. Great to see him pick up a couple of homers to start the season. If he can be a presence behind Posey, it will go a long way to helping this offense improve this year.

Looking Ahead:

3 at home against Colorado who has started hot. Still a series the Giants should pick up at least 2 of 3 in. Then off to Chicago for 4, and another series that should favor the Gigantes. Looking for more consistency this week!



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