Getting the Band Back Together

So the Giants brought them all back: Affeldt, Pagan, and Scutaro. There are concerns of overpaying and allowing the World Series glow to affect objectivity.

Other than the years I think these are great deals for the Giants. Obviously, we would all prefer 2 years for Scutaro and Affeldt, and three for Pagan. There’s a good chance the 2015 Giants will either have three old guys who can’t do much or they will have to eat some contracts.

But that eating shouldn’t taste too bad. The Giants spent $78 million for three players (the Braves, on the other hand, spent that on one). Scutaro isn’t making any more than Freddy Sanchez did last year for the Giants (to rehab all year). Pagan is cheaper than Shane Victorino (and better). And Affeldt is cheaper (and better) than what the Reds gave Jonathan Broxton and what the Dodgers gave Brandon League.

That’s about as good as you can ask for.

Bring back Cody Ross!



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