Week in Review (4/16-4/22)


3-2 (7-7, 4.0 GB in NL West)

5-2 L vs. Phi; 4-2 W vs. Phi; 1-0 W vs. Phi; 4-3 W @ NYM; 5-4 L @ NYM

Another fascinating week in Giants land. Madbum and Cain were awesome. Late game dramatics. Late game fall aparts. Questions about the bullpen and a near miss disaster at home plate involving Buster Posey. Aubrey played second base.

My early season opinion continues: this is a team that lacks an identity (especially on offense) and the story of the season will be determined by who steps up and helps create that identity.

In the meantime, there is a double-header today…which means we could be thinking a lot more highly of this team by the end of the day (or not). On to the awards:

Hitter of the Week:

Welcome to the season Buster Posey. He went 11 for 20 (.550) and even stole a base. However, only one of those hits was for extra bases. The Giants hit one home run last week (by Angel Pagan who also hit .320 for the week), and if they are going to sustain the offense they need to hit home runs. It starts with you Buster!

Pitcher of the Week:

Ummmmmmmm: Matt Cain. Done. Great baseball game, but Matt Cain has to wonder about his luck. I know wins don’t really matter statistically, but come on Giants!

Looking Ahead:

Lots to look forward to: two today. Then on to Cincinnati. Then home for the Padres. That’s an 8 game week. Could be a huge swing in the teams fortunes if they end April on a strong note (like a 6-2 run). Timmy will pitch twice this week, so we will see if he can make some adjustments. This week should also tell us a lot more about the bullpen situation. Plenty to look for over the next 7 days!



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