5 Things

  1. Welcome to the show, Carlos Beltran. Stay hot (and while we wish that, let’s pass the “stay hot” along to Cody Ross and Jeff Keppinger).
  2. Two 2-run home runs. The Giants HAVE to hit home runs if they are going to make a run. HAVE to.
  3. Pat Burrell: 3 ABs, 2 walks, 22 pitches seen. Might not seem like a lot, but I can’t stress how important those kinds of at bats are and how much having a patient approach helps this lineup. Last year, with Posey and Burrell (and even Huff) providing this type of approach the Giants were able to wear down teams in ways this years squad can only dream about.
  4. Good job fans. The crowd was loud.
  5. Matt Cain is good at pitching.

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