Week in Review (8/15-8/21)


2-5, 68-60 (1.5 GB in NL West)

5-4 L @ ATL; 2-1 L @ ATL; 7-5 W @ ATL; 1-0 L @ ATL; 6-0 L @ HOU; 7-5 L @ HOU; 5-4 W @ HOU

Well, what to make of this week, this season, this team? The Giants suffer through a miserable, 2-5 week, their worst week literally and emotionally (sans losing Posey), and yet they gain a half game on the Diamondbacks. What in the world? By all accounts this team should be buried in the standings and yet, here they are, very much alive and very much in this.

I don’t have much to add to the dichotomous existence of the 2011 Giants, but it is worth checking these two articles out: Baggs runs down the names who have unavailable in the last week due to injury, and McCovey points out that despite all that the Giants could not have a better schedule to finish out the year. Can a team be utterly decimated by injuries and still good enough to make the playoffs? We shall see…

Hitter of the Week:

The Giants have two good hitters right now (they could have three if Beltran gets better). Those two hitters are Pablo Sandoval and Brandon Belt. Everyone else, at this point, is in the “hope for the best” category (Cody, Aubrey, and Nate can all get hot, so please let’s do that at the same time…that same time being this week). Pablo for the week: .304, a huge home run and 6 RBI (also only 1 run scored, when he drove himself in). Brandon, since returning, is “only” 6 for 22 (.273), but he has 3 home runs 5 RBI and 4 runs scored during that week. Let the dude play.

Pitcher of the Week:

Cain was nasty in Atlanta. Timmy was great as well. Props to Mota for creating some order on Sunday. But the Pitcher of the Week is Jeremy Affeldt because he is now the defacto closer and he’s really done a great job all year, mostly under the radar. The Giants bullpen is loaded and it will now be seriously tested with Wilson and Romo out. This team plays close games which means the closer is more valuable than on most clubs. So, Jeremy, this is your time to shine. Make it happen!

Unbelievably, the Giants are in this thing, and as said earlier, they couldn’t ask for a better path to the playoffs than what lies before them. I will admit, I quit on Tuesday…I thought it was over and done for after two crushing loses and all the injuries. But there is still a chance, and quite frankly it’s a good chance. Which is mind bending, but it’s there, so go for it Giants. Seize the day!




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