Offensive Sink Holes

– Here’s the offensive production the Giants received from each defensive position in 2010 (HR/AVG/OBP/SLG/OPS+)

  • C: 21/.274/.333/.430/117
  • 1B: 18/.291/.357/.457/103
  • 2B: 12/.283/.338/.396/104
  • 3B: 14/.262/.321/.401/95
  • SS: 22/.260/.318/.419/112
  • LF: 31/.264/.365/.485/121
  • CF: 22/.250/.304/.434/100
  • RF: 15/.246/.314/.393/81
– The Giants were below league average at only 2 position: Third Base (thanks to Pablo’s slide) and Right Field (thanks to a lot of suckiness pre-Cody Ross). Above average, though, at 6 of 8 lineup spots.
– Now consider 2011 (bold are categories where the 2011 team is out performing 2010):
  • C: 8/.242/.321/.350/93
  • 1B: 12/.244/.307/.379/73
  • 2B: 4/.272/.324/.352/94
  • 3B: 12/.282/.321/.421/114
  • SS: 5/.208/.270/.301/65
  • LF: 13/.226/.319/.381/94
  • CF: 4/.246/.317/.361/84
  • RF: 9/.274/.320/.408/88
– The Giants are better in Right Field and at Third Base. And the Giants are only above league average at one position (as opposed to 6 of 8). That and the lack of home runs across the board are really, really bad signs. What made the Giants offense go in 2010 (particularly the stretch run and the playoffs) was the ability of most of the guys in the lineup to hit home runs. And the fact that they actually hit them. Pretty alarming.
– Outside of a Belt call up and some guys getting hot (finally) not sure how this changes. This really isn’t all that surprising, especially if you’ve been watching the games, but the hitters are significantly below the production they provided a year ago.

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