Week in Review (5/9-5/15)


4-1 (22-17, 1.5 game lead)

1-0 W vs. Ari; 4-3 W vs. Ariz; 3-2 W vs. Ari; 11-4 L @Chi; 3-0 W @Chi; PPD @Chi

The close wins just keep on rolling. Another big series against the Rockies to start off the new week…it’s only two games but if the Giants take both Colorado is a .500 team and the Giants have a 3.5 game lead. Not dominant or conclusive in any way, but it would make the Giants 7-1 against the Rockies this season. That would be great. On to the awards…

Hitter of the Week:

Welcome back Andres Torres! His arrival didn’t turn the Giants in to an offensive juggernaut overnight, but he sure does bring energy and hope that things will turn around. 7 for 15, 3 runs, 2 rbi, 1 sb, and the feeling the Giants have a real leadoff hitter. One of the subplots of the 2011 season is: will Torres be able to repeat his performance from last year? It seems entirely possible from what we’ve seen so far, he just needs to stay healthy and in the lineup!

Pitcher of the Week:

Tim Lincecum. He will throw a no-hitter one of these days. How about tonight! He sure did make the Diamondbacks look foolish last Tuesday. This might be the shortest write-up ever but what else is there to say about Timmy? (Kudos to Ryan Vogelsong for gutting it out on Saturday night in nasty conditions).

We would love to see the Giant take both of these games in Colorado, but a split is great too. Two in Coors, two in Dodgerland, then finally home for the A’s. Go Giants!



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