Week in Review (4/3-4/10)


3-3 (4-5 overall, 2.5 GB in West)

7-5 L @LA; 3-1 L @SD; 8-4 W @SD; 5-4 W vs.STL; 3-2 W vs.STL; 6-1 L vs.STL

Hitter of the Week:

I want to choose Aaron Rowand so bad, just to do it, but I have to point out the week Pablo Sandoval had. The Giants offense so far is weird. Burrell has looked horrible, but has hit three home runs. Posey doesn’t seem like he’s done much but has a HR now and is hitting over .300. Huff’s not doing great, but had a nice game in the win in SD. Just when you want to send Tejada out-of-town he hits a HR and has a walk off double. This is the problem with the first week of the season: everything means more and less than it does in reality.

So, Pablo is the hitter of the week. Not super productive in terms of runs, but he just looks better and is hitting .400 which will probably hold up =). Bottom line is a good Panda is good for the Giants. So far, so good!

Pitcher of the Week:

No brainer: Tim Lincecum. 13 strikeouts is great. An 0.64 ERA is fantastic. Everything seems to be working and the velocity is there. Beautiful. But shutting the down the Padres and heading home on a high note was exactly what the team need. To use some baseball speak, that’s what an Ace does. I think Tim Lincecum’s best days might actually be ahead of him, which feels like I’m saying a lot, but I think the maturity and the smarts that come with time are coinciding at a moment when he is still tremendously blessed physically and that’s when transcendence can happen on a baseball field. Might be reading too much in to two starts, but I think this is the beginning of something really special from Timmy.

Looking Ahead:

More Dodgers and then off to Arizona. This would be a great week to catch up to the Rockies! Looking for a good start from Bumgarner and some more consistency from the offense. Again, clean wins is the goal for this week.



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