Home Again…


– There are a lot of Giants fans in San Diego!

2-4 is not 3-3 but it’s better than 1-5 (or 0-6!).

– Love the way Timmy looks so far (Baggarly called it nicely: heat and nasty). Amazing how many guys were walking out of the box before the ump called the third strike or before they even finished their swing.

– Yes, Buster Posey, yes.

– Time to sit Burrell? Sure looked better with Nate in right and Huff in left.

– Don’t worry about Wilson…right now anyway. Two infield hits, a walk, hit 96, all the runs “allowed” by another pitcher. He’ll be fine.

– Welcome back Brandon Belt…the lineup sure looks good when Aubrey/Buster/Pablo/Belt (3-7 hitters) all have multi-hit games.

Enjoy your rings…enjoy the hero’s welcome welcome…then beat the Cardinals!

– Hey, at least we’re not the Red Sox.



2 thoughts on “Home Again…

  1. I’m not worried about Wilson at all. The dude gets off the DL and immediately is put into a game. He’s a bit rusty and I’m sure he’ll be fine.

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