Early Season Fantasy Thoughts

One thing I cannot stand about early season baseball are the definitive ultimatums that “prove” that such and such a team or player is obviously__________(done, great, going to have a career year, on pace to, overrated, etc, etc). I do it too, so I shouldn’t cast the first stone, but come on people: the Giants are done? Pujols sucks?The Red Sox are overrated? Last year at this time Edgar Renteria was hitting .800 which was a clear sign that he was headed for postseason stardom. Right?

The Giants are 0-2 and the Red Sox are 0-1. No time to panic. So, let’s talk about fantasy baseball instead. I have two teams this year (one fun, and one for real), so some of my player commentary will cross over from team to team. Anyway: early season fantasy thoughts…

– How about those late round catchers: J.P. Arencibia (who I have) 2 hrs and a triple and bunch of RBIs…John Buck (don’t have) goes deep too.

– I didn’t get Joel Hanrahan but I still like him as this years Carlos Marmol (adventurous, strike out laden saves).

– I did get Craig Kimbrel and I like how that is panning out so far.

– Neil Walker: thank you very much…doesn’t get much better than a grand slam!

– Yovani Gallardo should be 1-0…bullpen problems could cost me that CYA prediction!

– Grabbed Chone Figgins in the 12th round in one of my leagues. That could end up being a big steal (pun intended).

Brandon Belt is paying off so far. Posey will come around. Those are my two Giants’ hitters.

– Still have a ton of pitchers who haven’t pitched yet. Excited to see what James Shields (my late round gamble) has today (had a really nice spring for what its worth).

– Something tells me Matt Cain restores some order to the universe today. Go Giants.



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