It Begins…

World Series picks will be up in the morning. Also tomorrow is opening day and there is much rejoicing. it is a big (new) day for the Giants who, for the first time in their San Francisco history, enter a season defending a World Series title.

Making everything just a little more interesting is the news today about Brandon Belt. Most followers of the G-men figured Belt would make an impact at some point in 2011 and be a fixture in the lineup later in the season. But now he will be the starting first basemen in tomorrow night’s game against the Dodgers. No easing the rookie in like last year.

I am really excited about Belt and his potential, but this is a somewhat controversial decision. Are the Giants throwing away money by bringing him up so soon? Did they really need to sign Burrell and Ross and Huff if they were going to bring Belt up so fast? How long of a leash does the kid have?

I’m not sure where I land on any of these questions, but here are some links to interesting perspectives on this decision:

Bay City Ball: this says more about Belt than any other player.

McCovey Chronicles: watch out Pat the Bat.

Rob Neyer: Giants not leaving anything to chance.

Left Malo: slightly worried.

Splashing Pumpkins: Twitter thoughts on Belt decision.

Schulman: Front Office behind the decision.

Extra Baggs: some cool behind the scenes stuff.

Go Giants!



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