2011 Awards Predictions

Who will take home the individual, end of season, awards? Traditional/repeat heroes like Pujols and Halladay, or new comers like Votto and Hernandez? Here’s what we think:


  • AL MVP: Adam Dunn
  • AL Cy Young: Jon Lester
  • AL Rookie of the Year: Dustin Ackley
  • NL MVP: Prince Fielder
  • NL CYA: Ubaldo Jimenez
  • NL ROY: Domonic Brown


  • AL MVP: Carl Crawford
  • AL CYA: Trevor Cahill
  • AL ROY: Jeremy Hellickson
  • NL MVP: Carlos Gonzalez
  • NL CYA: Timmy Lincecum
  • NL ROY: Bryce Harper (even though I REALLY want to pick Brandon Belt)


  • AL MVP: Adrian Gonzalez (huge first year in Boston numbers wise, plus team with best regular season record=hardware)
  • AL CYA: Jon Lester (King Felix will have slightly better peripherals, but Lester could win 25 games and have great stats…too good to pass up)
  • AL ROY: Jake McGee (goes all Neftali Feliz on the AL and saves over 40 games for an overachieving Rays team)
  • NL MVP: Albert Pujols (the great Pujols goes off during contract year, puts to bed any question as to whether he deserves riches contract in MLB history)
  • NL CYA: Yovani Gallardo (outshines two big additions in Grienke and Marcum to prove he’s the true ace of the staff and the class of the NL, at least in 2011)
  • NL ROY: Brandon Belt (there was a time when even imagining the Giants producing back-to-back ROYs would have induced side-splitting laughter…laugh no more: Belt is 2011 Posey)

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