Rumors and Thoughts

Going in to the way back machine (which for this blog is only two months) I suggested the Giants try to ship Barry Zito to the Yankees in the fallout from Cliff Lee going to the Phillies. You can read about it in this post (but you have to read carefully to find it =).

Today Jonah over at Fangraphs makes the argument that this is actually what the Yankees should do! I apologize for the self congratulations.

Speaking of crazy ideas/rumors. Grant at McCovey Chronicles suggests now is the time to trade Brian Wilson. The BW hype machine is in full effect with his recent appearance on George Lopez, his video game, and his return to twitter. Would you trade B.Wheezy if you could get a good young shortstop back?

Definitely some conversation starters out there on the web today!



3 thoughts on “Rumors and Thoughts

  1. josh, i agree. logically it makes sense to trade someone like him now, at the peak of his value. but COME ON brain wilson. also does anyone remember the wasteland of closers the giants had pre-wilson and post-nen. i don’t want to go back there.


  2. I love Brian Wilson with all my heart. He’s the only professional baseball player I have an autograph of, but now is the time to trade him, and to get my love/hate relationship with Jonathan Sanchez over with and trade him as well.

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