Spring Training Invites

here’s the list of the 22 players the Giants have invited to spring training. any thoughts?

obviously, belt is in there, who, along with crawford and mota, could be on the opening day roster if some things go right.

but beyond those guys who are you excited about? here are my three:

  1. Waldis Joaquin: actually was on the opening day roster last year. i still think there is some felix rodriguez in him yet.
  2. Tommy Joseph: he’s still a ways off, but a 19-year-old kid with crazy power=exciting
  3. Ryan Vogelsong: maybe we can trade him again for Jason Schmidt. seriously, though, perhaps he pulls a rabbit out of a hat and can be our “sixth” starter.

spring training invitees of interest, comment away!



5 thoughts on “Spring Training Invites

  1. I’m very excited to see what Joseph and Belt look like. Joaquin looked so bad last year, even in AAA, that I don’t see him ever becoming more then an occasional call up when a reliever goes down with an injury.

  2. Did you hear about showtime wanting to do a version of hard knocks at the giants spring training. I may have to subscribe if they do. not real excited about vogelsong BTW.

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